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Alec Foote

Alec is thrilled to be back with Pickleville for the second time! From Fruitland, Idaho, Alec is in Logan for school and is excited to share the stage with old and new friends! When not onstage, you can find Alec on the slopes, on the lake, drumming, spending time with his friends, family, dogs, or obsessing over reality TV.

Shout Out

Shoutout to mom and dad for your continued support! Plus shoutout to Leah because I can.

Fun Fact

I am absolutely OBSSESSED with the reality tv competition show “Survivor”. I have seen all 44 seasons, most of them multiple times. I love the gameplay aspect of it and it is my favorite (very random) thing to nerd out about. Parvati stan until the day I die (iykyk)

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