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Benjamin Phillips
Benjamin is a hubby, dad, actor, scriptwriter, and film/tv producer. He has always loved the stage. After various youth and high school productions, he started his professional career with the Utah Festival Opera Company (now Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre) in 2005, as the youngest general ensemble member in company history. Favorite roles have been Paco in Man of La Mancha with UFOC, and Gaston in Beauty and the Beast with Four Seasons Theatre. Other than Sheriff Griff, his dream role is Percy in Scarlet Pimpernel, and he would love to make the film adaptation of the musical.
Shout Out

Thanks to my wifey and muse, Cynthia, and to my awesome daughters, for your endless support and love! You're the best!

Fun Fact

I love being a girl dad to my five daughters! In addition to being a professional performing artist, I have been a banker, football coach, a freelance journalist, a youth counselor at a rehab center, a financial consultant, the director of a nonprofit, and small business owner. I ride a motorcycle, and wish Utah had lane-sharing on the freeways! I'm an avid sports fan, following the Aggies, the Jazz, RSL, and the SF 49ers and Giants. I have a feature film in the works- hopefully to be produced and released later this year! My nickname at every job I've ever had has been something Superman-related (Clark, Kent, Boy Scout, Superman, etc.).

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