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Camille Chandler
Sound Designer/Audio Engineer
Camille is so excited to be back with Pickleville on Tour this Christmas season getting to do what she loves! She recently finished up the summer and fall seasons at Pickleville Playhouse where she was the sound designer and audio engineer. She is a Registered Nurse by day and a Theatre Techie the rest of the time. She has been an Audio Engineer for over 35 different productions! She wants to thank her wonderful parents, Ron and Wendy, for always supporting her and her super handsome, funny, and caring boyfriend, Josh, for always being by her side and putting up with her crazy schedule!
Shout Out

Shoutout to spectacular friends: Tav, Tristan, Bryan, Lance, Brenda, Ted, Trina, Tami, Jenna, Josh, Ron, Wendy, and Annabelle.

Fun Fact

Camille’s nickname is camel. She has an extensive camel collection. Her friends always look for a camel to get her when they’re out traveling the world. Camille also cannot taste salt. It’s so odd.

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