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Morgan Horsburgh

Morgan is a 21 year old dancer who grew up in Logan, Utah. She’s been going to see Pickleville shows since she was little, so to be in one is her dream come true! She is so excited to be part of this show! Morgan started dancing at age 3, and has recently found a huge love for theatre and the arts. While singing and acting are very fun, nothing can beat dancing in her book! She wants to thank you for coming to the show, and she hopes you had as much fun watching it as she has dancing in it!

Shout Out

I just want to shout out my friends Jamie, Klydi, and Jenn for being my biggest fans and hype women… Thank you for making me feel loved!

Fun Fact

Morgan has a pet milk snake called Timmy, and just recently brought home the sweetest little black calico kitten she named Cricket!

Past Credits

Newsie in Newsies (Music Theatre West)

Gertrude Mcfuzz in Seussical (Cache Theatre Company)

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