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TJ Davis
Brandon Baxter/Writer/Director

TJ is the father of 5 sons and husband of USU Athletics Hall of Famer Erin Cartwright-Davis.  TJ has spent his entire adult life entertaining audiences with his talents in writing, music, and acting.  He's written, directed, music directed, produced, or acted in 50+ Pickleville productions since dropping out of dental school to pursue his creative dreams. He's immensely grateful to be telling this Christmas story which means so much to him personally!

For the past two years, TJ and Erin have taken a step back from the Bear Lake Playhouse in order to continue to build "Pickleville On Tour" with the goal of bringing family-friendly, professional touring shows to theaters closer to your home!  "Please take a second to find Pickleville On Tour on social media to let us know what you want to see next!"

Shout Out

This show is dedicated to my Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Miles and all the families like mine who are celebrating this special season while coping with the loss of someone you love.

Fun Fact

TJ's first career choice was NBA player, but instead of becoming the next Michael Jordan like he envisioned as a child, he began coaching at the local high school! The same school where he played high school basketball less than 10-ish ... years ago.

Past Credits

Juandito for the past 15 years! (Pickleville)

Eclipse 6 (original member)

Sun Valley Singers/Aggie Carolers (Derek Furch)

Snoopy in ...Charlie Brown (Pickleville)

Smudge in Forever Plaid (Pickleville)

Harold Hill in Music Man w/ Vanessa Ballam (MTW)

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