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Erin Davis

(Costumes/Outreach) Erin has been a part of this Pickleville craziness for 18 years now! She is the proud mom of 5 boys. Yep, you heard that right. 5 boys: Carter (18), Tanner (17), Hayden (14), KJ (12), and baby Drew (4). Erin graduated from USU with a degree in Pre- Mom (FCHD). She played volleyball for Utah State, where she was an All-American, and thinks volleyball is by far the best sport out there! She’s grateful to each and every member of the Pickleville team for creating such an amazing environment where families can come make memories together. “123 to my Teej, you make life so wonderful, and saying I’m proud to be your wife would be an understatement. And to my 5 boys, Mommy loves you.”

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