The Legend of El Diablo Starring Juandito
Tickets go on sale
March 20!

A return to the hilarious TJ Davis melodramas that Pickleville audiences can’t get enough of!

It’s sibling rivalry like you’ve never seen before when Juandito and his ruthless pirate brother clash while trying to recover a treasure left behind by their recently-deceased father, El Diablo.  Amid the conflict, Juandito falls madly in love with Miss Clara, a member of his brother’s pirate crew who, in turn, falls in love with the handsome local lawman, and yes … madness ensues!

It’s a family-centered musical comedy with a twist at the end that’ll leave you howling with laughter!

Featuring a gut-busting script and toe-tapping original music by Pickleville’s own TJ Davis, The Legend of El Diablo is perfect live family entertainment for kids ages five to one hundred and five!

Create a lasting memory with Pickleville On Tour at our most creative, witty, and totally entertaining show to date!

Fri. April 28 - 7:30pm
Sat. April 29 - 2pm
Sat. April 29 - 7:30pm

Murray High School Auditorium
Fri. May 5 - 7:30pm
Sat. May 6 - 2pm
Sat. May 6 - 7:30pm

Ellen Eccles Theater
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The Legend of El Diablo
Starring Juandito
The Legend of El Diablo
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